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Calls cost £1.50 connection fee plus £1.50 per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge.

This website and telephone connection service number is operated by 118 Connect Ltd and is not affiliated with, or operated by, First Utility. A direct number can be obtained from First Utility’s website at no or lower cost by clicking here. If you do not wish to use this premium rate connection service, are disconnected or put on hold, we recommend you call using a direct number which can be found in the link above. Callers must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission.

Service provider helpline: 03303327663.

The First Utility customer service team can be contacted by telephone using our connection phone number which is charged at a premium rate, alternatively you may contact them directly at no or lower cost using their helpline, or other contact details, provided on their own website.

There are many reasons you may wish to contact First Utility. This may be a simple query, or you may wish to discuss a complaint, or perhaps you just need some assistance. Many things can be handled over the telephone but some matters may need to be handled in person or in writing.

When you call to speak with a customer support representative, they are there to assist you with your phone call and provide support and help with many problems you may have over the telephone. If you are put on hold, in a queue, or expect your call to last for a while we suggest that you may instead wish to contact First Utility using their direct telephone number rather than our connection service as this will be less costly.

The company established the Innogy plc from the operations of National Power, when the overseas operations were demerged as International Power plc in October 2000.

Innogy plc then went on to purchase the regional electricity company Yorkshire Electricity in February 2001. It later disposed of the distribution side of Yorkshire Electricity to CE Electric UK in exchange for the supply business of Northern Electric. Innogy plc was taken over by the German energy company RWE in March 2002, and renamed RWE npower plc with all the supply business adopting the “npower” brand.

In February 2006, npower acquired 19% of Telecom Plus, a business which now provides npower with management services, such as billing, customer service, metering, debt collection and administration: under the deal npower can increase its stake in Telecom Plus up to 29%. In February 2009, Npower acquired Superior Plumbing, a business providing services to social housing and business customers across the United Kingdom.

In February 2009, npower acquired SPI Group to add to its energy services business Npower Hometeam. SPI provides services to the social housing market and its commercial arm serves public buildings, including schools.

In November 2013, however, npower sold the two former Telecom Plus subsidiaries back to Utility Warehouse for £218 million. As a result, Utility Warehouse became one of the largest independent energy suppliers in the United Kingdom. with over 500,000 customers and 770,000 gas and electricity supply points to their name.

The deal also sparked commentary about the possibility of npower’s parent company RWE leaving the United Kingdom, or the emergence of a “Big Seven” in place of the existing Big Six Energy Suppliers. In March 2016, the company announced losses of £106 million and 2,500 global job cuts along with the fact that they had lost 351,000 customers in 2015: a high level of customer complaints were cited as reasons for the issues.

On 1 April 2016, RWE split off its renewable energy, network and retail businesses into the newly formed Innogy SE. npower became a subsidiary of the new business and was renamed Npower Limited. The coal, natural gas and oil-fired energy power stations, which npower operated, are no longer part of npower, but of RWE Generation UK plc.

First Utility Head Office

First Utility Head Office

Columbus House

Woodland Court,

Westwood Way,



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