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Things You Need To Know About Getting A DVLA Personalized Number Plate

Many people considering getting a DVLA personalised number are discouraged by the fact there are more than 45 million registrations available and so getting the most suitable number plate might seem a daunting exercise. However, knowing how to navigate the search process will help you find the ideal number plate faster than you could imagine. The search process takes some creativity to get what you need and mostly if you are using the official DVLA site, you could search using the yellow super search box available on the top of the homepage. 

You only need to enter your initials or name or something you fancy that you would like added to your number plate and you will be given a selection of choices. Once you spot a number plate that impresses you, just click on the “View Results” link and you will be redirected to see a wider selection in the style. 

Can I take over a previously used number plate?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to resurrect a personalized number plate that was used previously, and it does not matter if the vehicle no longer exists. This is the position on the official website of registrations and unless the status of the process is updated, you cannot be assured of such an offer. 

Things to note before buying

Before you make a purchase, there are important things you should know. One of the things you might want explained is the issue about the age of your vehicle. You might come across restrictions due to the age of your vehicle, so those with very old vehicles might face challenges while trying to buy a personalized number plate. If the registration number comes with an age identifier, you are only allowed to use it on a vehicle whose age is equal to what is indicated or newer. 

Vehicle requirements to be met
Your vehicle also has to meet certain requirements so as to qualify to be assigned a personalized number plate. One condition you must ensure is met is that the vehicle should be of the appropriate age to get the registration number. The vehicle must also be registered in the United Kingdom and its registration information should be under your name or bear the name of the nominee. You also must ensure the vehicle has an MoT certificate. 

Buying on behalf of someone else as a gift
If you are buying the personalized number plate for someone as a gift, you will be required to provide details of the person so the records can be updated showing the purchaser (you) and the recipient. When adding a nominee, check that the name provided matches with that of the registered keeper. 

Steps for buying a personalised number plate

The steps involved in buying a personalised number plate are simple and straightforward. You will not need to worry a lot about complex processes because all this can be done online with no requirement for physical documentation. 

Head to the official DVLA registrations website and search for the number you like. After you have spotted the number of your choice, you only need to click on “Buy Now” and your order will be processed. You will need to follow a few on-screen instructions to complete the purchase, and these are simple processes you will not need to worry about as they are well explained. If you don’t have an account, make sure to create one as this process requires that you log in to your account so the information is saved in the database. 

DVLA auctions

Besides buying directly, you could apply to be included in the several actions held per year. These auctions offer approximately 1500 registration numbers. You can get highly sought registrations here, most specifically during the ‘Traditional’ auctions. 

You could also take part in ‘Timed’ auctions, which are held up to four times each year, and on this you will get registrations that were requested by the public. To register for the auctions, log on to the DVLA site and download a catalogue of the upcoming auction from the “Auctions” and register as a bidder. The site also gives you answers to many questions you might have about joining a DVLA auction. 

Things you should know after buying your personalized number plate

You need to understand a few things after you have purchased a number plate from the DVLA site. After your online purchase, you will be sent a confirmation of sale, which should take not more than 24 hours. You should also get the Certificate of Entitlement (V750), which is posted to your address (should be received in a maximum of two weeks). 

Assigning the new plates on your vehicle
There is no restriction on when you should assign the new number plate on your vehicle. What you need is to simply apply to assign it. For a vehicle that is not registered (brand new), you should talk to the dealer to have it registered with the new personalized plate. 

If this is agreed upon, you will need to fill the Certificate of Entitlement (V750) and choose “unregistered vehicle” then sign and add the date in this section. This certificate should be handed to the dealer before the vehicle is registered. 

In case the vehicle is registered, you need to apply to be allowed to use a new number plate. Attach the Registration Certificate (V5C) of the vehicle along the Certificate of Entitlement (V750). 

What happens if I changed address recently?

If you changed your address and you are yet to apply to put the number plate on your vehicle and you have at least 5 days before the offer expires, there is room for you to apply for a change of address through your DVLA online account. A new certificate will be delivered within two weeks. 

Note that you must only get your plates made by a registered plate supplier. This will help to ensure your plates are designed and made following the right legal standards. See more about this on the official DVLA website.

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