DVLA provisional licence application

Driver and Vehicle licensing agency is the executive agency Department for Transport that is located in Swansea. This agency is responsible for vehicle and driver registration, issuance of driving licenses, acting on tax evaders, and working with police and intelligence to deal with crime. One of the license that this agency issue is the provisional DVLA license. The following is some information regarding this type of license. 

How to download the provisional license application form

The provisional license can be applied online or you can apply via post. If you choose the latter, then you are supposed to get the application the D1 form from the DVLA form ordering service. On this form ordering service, you will select D1 pack. This pack includes an application for the driving license for a car, motorcycle or moped. After downloading, you print and will fill it and then include an identity document, a color passport-style photograph, and a cheque or Postal order of £43 that is payable to DVLA. 

Can you track your provisional license application?

After you have applied for the DVLA provisional license, you should wait for about 3 weeks for it to arrive. If it takes longer than this, you can contact DVLA through email, Post, and telephone and check on the progress of the application. In order to track your application, you will use your Government Gateway ID and password especially if you applied online. If you have a Northern Ireland driving license, you should then contact Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA). 
DVLA provisional license application contact number
During the application of the provisional license, DVLA has provided contact addresses that the applicant can use in case they need any help. You can call 0300 790 6801 from Monday to Friday between 8 am and 7 pm. On Saturday, this telephone line is open from 8 am to 2 pm. The charges depend on the service providers. 

What’s the DVLA address for provisional license applications?

After you complete filling the downloaded form from the DVLA form ordering service. You are supposed to send it together with payment to:
DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD
This should only be used only if all your documents are from the UK. If at all you have any document that is from outside the UK, then you should use the following address
DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AF
However when you want to track your provisional license application, then you use the address: 
Drivers Customer Services, Correspondence Team, DVLA, Swansea, SA6 7JL. 

Where and how to find the DVLA class 2 provisional application 

DVLA class 2 license is a type of driving license that authorizes drivers to drive large Goods Vehicle (LGV). This adds higher entitlements to your license and it requires that you have a full car license. This application requires you to obtain D2 and D4 forms from the DVLA forms ordering service. The D4 form is usually posted to you. These forms can be broken into 2; medical paperwork and entitlement application. 

The medical paperwork is filled by a physician after carrying out the mandatory medical examination. After filling this form, it is sent to DVLA as an evidence of driver meeting the minimum requirements on health and safety. Entitlement Application form is filled by the driver and also sent to DVLA. It is good to note that you are not required to pay anything for this application. 

What is a provisional driving license D1?

This is an entitlement that allows you to drive a minibus on a public Highway. A minibus can be described as a vehicle that can carry between 9 – 16 passengers. You will be given this license after applying successfully on DVLA using form D2 and D4. The provisional D1 is added to your license meaning you must first have a car license. 

Does an application form for provisional license expire?

After getting the application form for a provisional license, there is no time limit within which is supposed to be filled. However, the best thing to do is to fill it and send it to DVLA for approval. The faster you send it back means you will not take so long before you are allowed to drive in the UK
Northern Ireland provisional License application
Northern Ireland transport authorities require that you apply for a provisional driving license before you can start learning how to drive. It also required that, if you want to add higher driving categories of vehicles you can drive, then you must also apply for a provisional entitlement driving license for that category. 

The First provisional driving license can only be obtained from Post office branches or MOT test centers. In order to get the first provisional license, you are required to obtain the aDL1 form from the said centers and complete it. You should then send it together with original documentation revealing your identity a passport size photograph and a payment of £62.50 to the following address:

Drivers & Vehicle Agency
Driver Licensing 
Colerain County Hall
Castle Rock Road 

Or you can drop the application at any of the MOT test centers. The payment should be by cheque or postal order payable to DVA
If you are already a holder of full driving license and you would like to add larger entitlement, then you can complete DL2 provisional license application form and DLM1 medical report form both of which can be obtained from the MOT test centers or Post office branches. It good to note that the DLM1 form is supposed to be filled by a physician. The forms should also be sent to the same address as above together with the current driving license, a passport style photograph and a payment of £20
After the submission of the forms, you will wait for 3 weeks before the provisional license arrives and if it tarries, then you a contact DVA inquiries. 

Provisional license renewal application online

If you want to renew your provisional license, you can apply online with DVLA and it requires that you have a valid UK passport. In order to apply, you will use your Government Gateway ID. If you do not have one, then you should re-register and get an ID which will be part of your application. This application is charged £14 and it can be paid using MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro or a credit card. You should indicate your current driving license and the address of your residence for the last 3 years. After application, you will have to wait for a week before the license arrives. It good not that the validity of the new provisional license is from the date of your application approval. 

DVLA provisional Application Serial Numbers

DVLA provides a serial number to the provisional licenses that they issue. The first five characters are derived from your first five characters of your surname and if the surname has than five characters, the 9 is added to fill it up. The following 6characters are derived from your date of birth in the YMMDDY. To differentiate between male and female drivers licensee, an additional 0 or 1 is added for male while 5 or 6 is added for female. This gives a unique number for every driver. 
Where to get DVLA provisional License paper application
DVLA distributes provisional License paper application through the certain Post office branch. You can also get these form from the DVLA form ordering service. 

Where do I send my DVLA provisional application? 

After filling the Provisional license application form, you are supposed to send the application by Post to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD if all your documents are from the UK and to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AF if any of your document is not from the UK. 
Will DVLA refund provisional application?
In case you decide to cancel your provisional application, then you can give a call to DVLA support and inform them. Refunds are processed within a few weeks after the cancellation. However, this cancellation can only take place within 14 days after application.

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