10 Tips for passing your Theory test

Keeping in mind that the ultimate goal of preparing for your driving theory test is to make sure you’re a competent and safe driver, here are 10 tips to help you pass.

1. Don’t rush to make your booking

As eager as you justifiably are to officially have your driver’s licence in your hands, don’t be in a rush to make your booking. Book only once you’re completely ready, resisting the urge to use a looming date as a motivational factor to push you to get ready.

2. Take a mock test

There’s undeniably lots of hard work lying ahead for you to be ready for your Theory test, but in order to establish the difference between where you currently are and where you need to be, take a mock test. There are plenty of apps and websites available through which to take a free theory test that features the official questions.

3. Plan out a detailed study terrace

After getting over the initial shock of just how much work needs to be done, plan your study terrace in a detailed fashion and thank your lucky stars that you didn’t put yourself under undue pressure to be ready in time for a looming d-day.

4. Make your learning a visual exercise

Hazard perception, as part of the theory content matter can be difficult to try and memorise and recall the conventional way, so rather make studying for your Theory test a visual exercise. Test yourself in your everyday environment, in real-world situations, such as applying the theory when commuting to work, school, when you’re in a vehicle with someone else, etc.

5. Ongoing revision

Remembering the answers to all 1,000 possible questions becomes so much easier if you make learning them a visual, real-world exercise, but come test day you will only have to answer 43 multiple choice questions correctly. A minimum of 20 hours revision time is recommended by the DVSA in order to be ready for the test, which is easily scalable if you’re having fun learning and revising visually.

6. Take a mock test (again)

Once you’re confident you’re ready, take a mock test again to see where you are.

7. Book your test

Book your test if you consistently hit the requisite score, having taken it multiple times. You’ll need to take it multiple times because of the different combinations of questions available.

8. Keep revising

Remember that you’re learning driving theory to make sure you become a competent and safe driver, so keep revising for the sake of learning and not just cramming to pass the Theory test.

9. Arrive early and be organised

Get to the venue as early as possible – 30 minutes prior to the exam should be enough and make sure to take your provisional licence as part of being organised.

10. Flag tricky questions

Don’t waste time mulling over questions you might have temporarily forgotten. Instead, flag them to get back to later and carry on with the test so that you can accumulate as many correct answers as possible to make up the requisite score of 43.
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