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Calls cost £1.50 connection fee plus £1.50 per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge.

This website and telephone connection service number is operated by 118 Connect Ltd and is not affiliated with, or operated by, BT. A direct number can be obtained from BT’s website at no or lower cost by clicking here. If you do not wish to use this premium rate connection service, are disconnected or put on hold, we recommend you call using a direct number which can be found in the link above. Callers must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission.

Service provider helpline: 03303327663

The BT customer service team can be contacted by telephone using our connection phone number which is charged at a premium rate, alternatively you may contact them directly at no or lower cost using their helpline, or other contact details, provided on their own website.

There are many reasons you may wish to contact BT. This may be a simple query, or you may wish to discuss a complaint, or perhaps you just need some assistance. Many things can be handled over the telephone but some matters may need to be handled in person or in writing.

When you call to speak with a customer support representative, they are there to assist you with your phone call and provide support and help with many problems you may have over the telephone. If you are put on hold, in a queue, or expect your call to last for a while we suggest that you may instead wish to contact BT using their direct telephone number rather than our connection service as this will be less costly.

BT is a global company which is one of the largest telecommunications providers in the United Kingdom. They serve over 170 countries worldwide with broadband, phone and television packages. Men and women rely on BT to bring the best options in sports, lifestyle and entertainment. Their website offers the latest reviews on technology and this BT FAQ can help you get information on seeing your BT account online, paying your bill or getting broadband for your business. If you need further assistance call the BT phone number to speak to a customer service agent.

1. How can I see my BT account online?
Your BT account makes it simple for you to see your bill, monitor your usage and keep track of the products that you have purchased. When you visit the BT homepage there is a tab there called My BT. Click on this to be taken to a page where you can log in with your email address and password. If you have not signed up for an online account yet it is easy to do so by using a contact email and your personal BT account number.

2. I can’t remember by BT email password. What should I do?
Your BT email password can be easily reset online. Go to the company’s website, go to the Help section and click on Forgotten Your Password. You will be asked to enter your BT email address. The link to reset your password will be sent to this address.

3. How do I switch my broadband to BT?
It’s easy to switch from your current broadband provider to BT. First you need to get your MAC code from your current provider. When you have that, contact BT and place your order. BT Business Hub customers will get their purchase in the post at least a day before the switch is made.

4. I need to pay my BT bill. How can I do that?
BT customers can chose from several options when they want to pay their bill. Some of these have a small fee attached. The most affordable way to pay your bill is by doing a Whole Bill Direct Debit or setting up a Monthly Payment Plan. If you choose to pay by cheque, phone, bank transfer or use your credit or debit card to pay online in My BT you will be charged a processing fee of £2. You may be charged a late fee of £7.50 if your bill is not paid on time. 

BT Customer Services

Otherwise known as British Telecom, BT is one of the largest phone, Internet and television providers in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it is likely that questions or issues may arise from time to time. So, the scope of BT customer services is meant to address the needs of each customer. As there are many different types of clientele, there are likewise a few different contact numbers based on certain categories. It is wise to have a quick look at some of the primary customer services that BT offers.

Home-Based Service Departments

As BT offers a number of different services for the homeowner, there is a BT customer services contact number specifically designed to address any related issues that may be present. Some of the common reasons that one would contact this number include:

  • Viewing and paying bills.
  • Tracking the status of an order.
  • Reporting faults with a service.
  • General help issues.
  • Complaints.

The communications process will generally begin online. In the “Contact Us” segment of the BT website, there will be a drop-down box that provides a number of choices regarding the type of issue or question one has. Thereafter, the appropriate telephone number will be provided. 

Departments for Businesses

Businesses will also enjoy the same options that were mentioned above. A similar online process can be used to be directed to the most relevant department or representative. 

Information Necessary

It is wise to gather as much information as possible well before contacting BT customer services. For home-based customers, such metrics can include details regarding a high-definition television problem or technical issue with a static telephone line. Likewise, businesses should have all pertinent information ready. Examples can be billing queries, service outages or a complaint surrounding the speed of the local Internet. The more data that is given to the representative, the easier it will be for him or her to solve the problem or direct the customer to the appropriate department.

It is said that BT customer services are some of the most reliable and efficient in the industry. Still, understanding the necessary fundamentals when seeking a BT customer services contact number is essential to find a solution to a problem or question.

BT Head Office

British Telecoms Head Office

81 Newgate St,



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