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Simply click or dial the number below to be connected to use the service.

Calls cost £1.50 connection fee plus £1.50 per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge.

This website and telephone connection service number is operated by 118 Connect Ltd and is not affiliated with, or operated by, British Gas. A direct number can be obtained from British Gas’s website at no or lower cost by clicking here. If you do not wish to use this premium rate connection service, are disconnected or put on hold, we recommend you call using a direct number which can be found in the link above. Callers must be over 18 and have the bill payer’s permission.

Service provider helpline: 03303327663.

The British Gas customer service team can be contacted by telephone using our connection phone number which is charged at a premium rate, alternatively you may contact them directly at no or lower cost using their helpline, or other contact details, provided on their own website.

There are many reasons you may wish to contact British Gas. This may be a simple query, or you may wish to discuss a complaint, or perhaps you just need some assistance. Many things can be handled over the telephone but some matters may need to be handled in person or in writing.

When you call to speak with a customer support representative, they are there to assist you with your phone call and provide support and help with many problems you may have over the telephone. If you are put on hold, in a queue, or expect your call to last for a while we suggest that you may instead wish to contact British Gas using their direct telephone number rather than our connection service as this will be less costly.

Sometimes you may feel that your current energy supplier is not providing you with the services you want, and in such a case you have to find the British Gas telephone number so that you contact the suitable company. By obtaining the British gas contact number, you can be sure to get hold of the needed services. In other times, you may have a need that may require you to contact the energy company urgently, and in such instances you may not wish to be kept on hold. Nevertheless, if you do not have the British gas phone number, you may encounter some difficulty.

Moreover, there are those moments when you may need to get in touch with experts in a specific department and with a British Gas telephone number; you can get through to the right persons. Once you get to them, you can ask all questions regarding your problem, and you will be certain to get it sorted out in a timely manner.

During those times that you need to relocate, you want to be assured that your energy issues will be taken care of beforehand. This means that you have to get in touch with the right company so that the matter is handled properly. Having the British Gas contact number can enable you to move stress free, knowing that you have left the matter to experts.

British gas supplies cheap gas and this is why it makes a good option for homeowners. But you can only take advantage of this by obtaining the British gas phone number. The good thing is that the company has staff that are both amicable and professional, thus you can have your problem sorted out swiftly and with adherence to quality. British gas provides you with the chance to do so, but only if you make use of the British contact telephone number which can enable you to get hold of those much needed services.

British Gas Head Office

British Gas Head Office


Maidenhead Rd,



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